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Great job on Amber


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I have just finished the first and hopefully not last Amber quest and I just wanted to thank you for the effort you've put in. You clearly devoted a great deal of care into developing Amber's character, and I look forward to further adventures with her. She is interesting and multifaceted, written with depth similar or better than Jaheira's. Well done!


I have two suggestions regarding the mod:

  • The PC's dialogue throughout the mod is not in character. By that I mean, if you compare the BioWare-written dialogues to those in the Amber mod, the PC's lines are stylistically quite different. In particular, there is a tendency towards run-on sentences which are definitely not in the BioWare PC's style. The result is a bit jarring, since after all the PC is supposed to be the same person throughout the whole game whether he's talking to Amber or to someone else.
    I would suggest some streamlining of the PC's lines so that they are more in line with BioWare's writing style. If you would like to do this, and would like some help, I would be happy to lend a hand, though I'm sure you're up to the task yourself as well. I thought the Keto mod did a very good job with this, by the way.
  • I sincerely appreciate the effort that went into recording the voices, and I thought the voices of all the NPCs in the mod were very well done. However, and this is entirely my opinion, I thought the voice over for Amber didn't quite fit with her personality. Amber seems fiery, focused, and self-confident, whereas the voice over is more contemplative, slow, maybe even depressive. I fully appreciate that perhaps this is what you had in mind for her character, and perhaps our interpretations of Amber differ. And at the same time I wish to communicate my respect for the person who did the existing voice overs. But I thought I just had to throw it out there that, given infinite resources, I certainly wouldn't mind having the option of an "alternate," less sleepy Amber voicing.

Again I send you my greatest congratulations on your efforts on this mod and will be in touch later if I have further comments, presuming they are still welcome.



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