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The unseeing eye rod quest broken by invisibility.

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(I hope this hasn't been reported before; I tried a bit of searching but couldn't find anything relevant.)


Anyway the bug:


If the Diseased One talks to you outside the temple of the Avatar of Amaunator while invisible (or hidden in shadows) you don't become visible, and when transported inside the temple the dialogue doesn't pick up again -- effectively meaning that you're stuck forever.


I've tried this with a hidden thief and even if you leave shadows before letting the Diseased One talk to you the dialog breaks if you haven't become visible by the time you are transported inside the temple.

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At the end of the quest, Agru talks to you and takes the party inside where you get to convince them to call out to Amaunator.


From the post, I imagine that Player1 was invisible when Agru started his dialogue and started the cutscene, and when they were transported to the temple, Agru or the avatar didn't re-init dialogue (sticking you in the cutscene forever).


Honestly, is there anything invisibility doesn't break (I even removed it from the godstaff because it was just such a pain to deal with).

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It's actually kinda cool since they can't die but they do pass out for a bit if you whack 'em. :D


Like Nythrun says, there isn't anything in the default code that would break because of invisibility (Agru always Detect()s and the cutscene doesn't rely on sight at all), so it must be some other mod issue?

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