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A Demon Knight (particularly the ones that get summoned/appear in spots in the game) may refer to a Cambion, the offspring of a succubus/incubus/Alu Fiend/etc and a mortal. They're the first step on the road to a Tiefling, but are full demons in all respects, even if they are of the Lesser varieties. They often wear armour and use weapons like mortal kind.


There's a little bit here:


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Death Knight MM Entry


One of the "Demon Knight" creatures in the game is "DEATHKNI.CRE" - so it's almost definite they meant Death Knight. However, they are a DEMONIC type creature in the game, now.


I think they changed it in order not to have to implement this stuff:

A death knight's magical abilities make it especially dangerous. It constantly generates fear in a 5-foot radius, and it can cast detect magic, detect invisibility, and wall of ice at will. Twice per day, it can cast dispel magic. Once per day, it can use either power word, blind, power word, kill, or power word, stun. It can also cast symbol of fear or symbol of pain once per day, as well as a 20-dice fireball once per day. All of its magical spells function at the 20th level of ability.

A death knight cannot be turned, but it can be dispelled by holy word spell. It has the power over undead of a 6th-level evil priest. Its magic resistance is 75%, and if an 11 or lower is rolled on the percentile roll, the spell is reflected back at the caster (the magic resistance is rerolled each time a spell is cast at a death knight).

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However, they are a DEMONIC type creature in the game, now.
They can't be turned, so the "demonic" race is probably best in any case. The one in BG1 is "human" which is clearly wrong (as are many such assignments in TotSC, which appears to have been booted quite hastily out the door).
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