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Know alignment spell with Minor globe of invulnerability description


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I noticed a weird thing, I found in Hotel Irenicus a scroll of Know Alignment but its description is the Minor globe of invulnerability.


I have BG2 FixPack (French), BG2 Tweaks and One Pixel installed.


Since there was a new description for Minor Globe of Invulnerability in the translation, I suspect that this glitch is caused by FixPack.


(I checked the spell, it is really Know Alignment : the effect of this spell, the icon, the price, only the description does not match).

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I have been having the same issue, but I use the English versions, so it is not a translation error. I'm playing SoA/ToB with the fix pack and tweak pack installed and no other mods. However, since this error shows up before I install the tweak pack it must be a fix pack issue.

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Sorry to double-post, but I couldn't edit my unregistered post above. The error appears to be in the dialog.tlk file. I got Near Infinity, backed up my dialog.tlk, opened up the Know Alignment spell file in my override folder (spwi208.spl), and went to edit the description. This opens up the dialog.tlk file for editing, (StrRef should be12164) and I replaced the Minor Globe of Invulnerability description with this:


Know Alignment (Divination)

Level: 2

Range: 10 yards

Duration: Instant

Casting Time: 1 round

Area of Effect: 1 creature

Saving Throw: Neg.


A Know Alignment spell enables the mage to exactly read the aura of a creature. The caster must remain stationary and concentrate on the subject for a full round. If the creature rolls a successful saving throw vs. spell, the caster learns nothing about that particular creature from the casting. Certain magical devices negate the power of the Know Alignment spell. Evil creatures will glow red, neutrals blue, and friendly creatures will glow green for a brief period.


This is from the manual, GameBanshee has a description which says priest instead of mage and does not include the last sentence about different glows.

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