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Ok, I want to write a script for a small (if powerful) dungeon encounter.


Namely that of a Lich. A powerful Lich. I have a made a .dlg for it, but I want a script so it uses some items it has on it. And I have a differing spell sequence to that of an ordinary lich.


Any help is appreciated. And how to actaully install properly with WeiDU is a definite asset.


I know how to actually install the .cre using COPY and other things, as well as add items.


Also, how would I put this into an area (pre-made, I don't want to go and create one just yet)



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Do I understand it correctly, that you know nothing about scripting? So maybe you should start with Sim's Complete Scripting Guide. Then you can try to modify some ingame script to your liking or you can look at scripts from another mods (Quest Pack, Sword Coast Stratagems I&II etc.) to learn some advance scripting.


You can prepare compiled script (bcs), and simply use COPY as with .cre. Or you can prepare decompiled script (baf) and then use COMPILE command - COMPILE ~directory/script.baf~ - this will create compiled script in the override folder.


Easiest way how to add creature to existing area is probably via area script.

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