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Transfer game to another PC

Guest Brixter

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Guest Brixter



I'm in the middle of the game, (Underdark already), and I have SoA and ToB installed plus some mods:


Official patch



Underrepresented items

Ease of Use

NPC Flirtpack



(Patch to prevent yoshimo from betraying you)


Well, my 3 yr old computer croaked so I'm going to install to my laptop so I can finish the game (sigh). I don't know if I can make the same install again with selecting the options like the tweakpack/fixpack.


Can I just install Soa, Tob, official patch then copy everything in my override folder? I assume everything modded is placed here anyway. Are ther any bad effects to my saved game perhaps?



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If you can access the hard drive, then simply copy all of your BG2 directory to make sure you have exactly the same game installed across. You might copy simply your override directory and dialog(/F).tlk, but you risk losing stuff installed to other directories. Besides, it's faster to copy the game from another HD (either by attaching it locally, or by sharing the folder) than it is to install from CDs :)

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