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Amber technical problem

Guest Thatoneguy

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Guest Thatoneguy

Okay, to state: if this has been handled elsewhere, my bad- I searched the first 6 or so pages of posts (im on less than a 56k connection..so, it took about an hour) and I dont have the patience to keep trying through them all :)


Im romancing amber with the second PC (multiplayer thing) I made it to the underdark and went to the tavern, I rested, and it wouldnt actually rest, it just made amber look at her romantic interest, than nothing happened..curious I made him talk to her, and she had nothing to say (I reloaded to before I rested..the autoave before entering the tavern, and she would still talk to him, then I went into the tavern and she talked to him, I attempted to rest again, and she stopped). Then I went to the forums and found out a dialoge (I cant spell, forgive me) is ment to pop up, so..I uninstalled any mod that might change anything in the underdark..same thing happened.


Uh..halp? Im a newbie when it comes to anything past installing and playing, no idea what might have caused this :\

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