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Guest kestrelle390

god I'm spamming your forum...really sorry.


I was curious about how you'd added conversations to the OC, so I opened up the toolset to look at the scripts and conditions you'd set up. Anyway, in the process I stumbled upon a couple conversations that (I think) should have triggered with Bishop or shown up as a dialogue option after certain events, but didn't in my playthrough. e.g after talking to the Silken Sisters, it looks like br_lt011.dlg was supposed to become available; likewise br_lt002.dlg after talking to Marcus in Ember. For dialogue 11, it doesn't appear that there are any conditions attached to it (other than having talked to the spirit). I also checked the 24_spirit_silken_sister file, and I see the [end dialog] comment where you planned to add br_lt011. Any ideas as to why this convo (and a couple others) never became available?


PS-if I have specific problems like this in the future, should I post them elsewhere/send you a message? I don't want to clutter up your forum with my noob questions XD

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Nope, it's fine to ask here - that's what forums is for. I actually prefer to talk all the nmod-related stuff here. :)


What you probably have not noticed is that on the end of the Silken Sister's talk there will be a script attached in the last line, that will trigger the talk.


In other words, what I have done is: edited the campaign original dialogue to add a conditional script (ie if you are a female and the romance is active, and the talk didn't occur yet) I ask Bishop to initiate a dialogue called nnn with the PC. Then I added a new dialogue nnn in that is reffered to in the script. That's all it is to it. Sometimes I ask for a short delay, sometimes I do the ga_start_convo action and that one is supposed to trigger the talk immediately (you can see it if you click the tab called Action in the toolset, on the bottom, while selecting the line).


The talks sometimes do not trigger in the individual games because they have a short delay scripted and if the player moved to quickly or got into a combat or left the area, the dialogues does not show up, as the "Talk to Me!" script does not take precedence.


The scripting of the dialogues into the OC is not rigorous because it relies on the scripts, as opposite to the area triggers (that are more powerful), so you will have dialogue omissions. That is one of the weaknesses of the OC - it is not set up to be easily moded, the way the Infinity Engine games are.


The DOC file on the valut has the list of all talks and what triggers them, so if you want to see entire content it helps to browse it.

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