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Yet another mod idea


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Hi folks, you are probably all tired from the mod ideas, but if you have a minute, I would like to get some feedback on this mod premise:


One upon a time, in a D&D world N, there was the Most Illuminated Republic of Lagoda. The Repblic's hsitory was long and bloody, with it once being at the heart of the Empire, and having had survived through two revolutions and being much reduced in size.


Slavery is of course outlawed in the Republic.


For the living.


The legend says that an ancient culture of Gensais held a secret to true immortality, yet no-one saw an immortal being in centuries. However, in the time of the Empire, a carbuncle was conjured by one of those Gensais, Xavien. Carbuncle is a magic gem that can replace a dead person's heart and make him or her live again. First, the carbuncle was created for a noble purpose, but since then most powerful mages in Lagoda used the spell to create bonded servants, for they did not surrender the power over the life and death of those ressurected like Xavien did, and the Laws of the Republic do not acknowledge the Carbuncles (the revived dead) as living citizens. It is however prefereable to find the receptors from outside of Lagoda or among those who are poor, just in case the dead body have powerful relatives who'd find a loophole in the law of their own.


Now, this way, the protagonist can be absolutely anybody from any world - the mage who created the carbuncle would find him or her via travelling in something like a Planar Sphere. Also, this does not necessitate that the protagonist has to lose his memory and discover his or her past.


Alongside with the main character, the mage would have created a second Carbuncle, who will become a permanent companion.


The mage would have created the two Carbuncles to create a certain magic construction that would serve to avert the Fifth Portent. The Portents are a book of obscure prophecies, that do manage to come true in their own weird ways, and always with lots of bloodshed and grief and all that. Because the mage believes that the Prophecy is a thing of Chaos, she thinks that the device should be created at random as well, that the parts and ingridients will turn up by chance.


Hence she sends her new bonded servants "There Don't Know Where, to Bring That Don't Know What." Of course, there is a choice to reject her offer and die :)


The module therefore becomes a collection of small 1-2 hour quest sequences in different worlds, with local NPCs joining but not leaving their respective settings with the protagonist (appart from the permanent companion, who will always return but can be dismissed on each mission). The result of each sequence will be aquiring some weird random thinggie from the setting and bringing it back.


Ideally, when the whole mod is done, all the small missions can be done in a random order, but I assume it is a bad thing for levelling purposes. Though, maybe, if the mission is too hard, one can get back empty handed and it falls back into the random cue?


Obviously, some small sideplots can occur in the mage's Stronghold as well, and the main story will have some sort of a conclusion once enough missions are accomplished.


So, how does that sound?

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I think it's a great idea. The only thing you would have to make sure of is that all this is explained in the mod itself (I know that sounds obvious, but I've played some mods where it just assumes you know everything about THEIR world and THEIR setting, etc).


I say go for it. :)

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Sounds interesting...my only gripe is with carbuncle...which as far as I know in the west is more commonly used to mean a pus-filled boil-like skin inflamation than the older (and nicer) gemstone.



When I think of carbuncle I think of someone with a boil on their nose first rather than someone almost as hard a diamond.


Carbuncle has a certain comedic value...carbuncle....carbuncle...uncle...but might just be me! :)

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I actually like the modern festering meaning of the word. I might even play on it, ie parallel the same situation as happened in Real World in my world. That in Xavien's time it did mean a red gem, and now it means an inflamed deseased part. Could become a part of the central subplot. :)


And thanks for the comments, folks!

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