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As I'm nearing the end of ToB for the first time (I'm in Abazigal's Lair), I find I am experiencing an unanticipated bug.


The Bug: I send the three "rank amatuers" to fetch the Gauth eyestalk for me, they come back and plot to betray me, I turn into the slayer involuntarily, the rank amatuers die and...........................


The cut scene never goes back to regular gameplay, I'm stuck in cutscene mode and <charname> just keeps flinching around (he wears boots of speed).


Info: I've installed some of UB and some of questpack (none of ToB specific mods by the way. Other than a few custom items and spells of my own creation, the game is standard SoA, ToB with ToB patch.


I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they have a fix or if it might be a problem with either of the modpacks.


Also, one component I did install is the Suna Senai mod, does that in any way interfere with the Valygar/<charname> friendship, I read about this supposed friendship that develops between them but he has only had one thing to say

to <charname> in all of ToB.


Obviously, I am more concerned about my inability to continue the game, but I'm curious about the Valygar friendship as well.

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Try stripping naked before subcontracting the quest. You're not supposed to actually damage them in the cutscene, but they actually do get the pain in some circumstances, meaning all (or usually, just one; sorry, Tim!) can get killed.


I can't remember if I ever determined why this happened or if I just wrote it off as another charming feature of ToB.

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