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No Country For Old Men


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Very solid, especially the first half of the movie. Liked the ending, too. The operator's work deserves an Oscar, Javier Bardem's deserves two, but if the movie itself wins, I'll be disappointed. It loses by being extremely faithful to the novel, and the novel, I suspect, was quite weak: terrific acting saves it, but two monologues (closer to the end of the movie) drag the pace considerably. Still, it's worth these twenty dollars.

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The ending had me confused all over the place, and I had to watch it again to understand what had happened, precisely, but I agree: great movie.


And yes, Javier Bardem was just about the creepiest, most cold-blooded man-on-a-killing-spree I've yet seen in a movie. Great, great performance. :)

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Well, I guess it really was different (WARNING! *BIG* spoiler behind that link. While it doesn't technically tell you what happens in the movie, it tells what's so special about this ending. No plot or anything revealed, but just tells the nature of how the ending is pulled off. So, if you don't mind that, feel free to click. If you however want to be surprised by the nature of the ending, don't click.).


(click "next" behind that link however, and you *do* get some spoilers as to the plot and details of the ending, as it's discussed further in the next comic. The author of the comic says the spoilers are "minor", but I can't judge that as I haven't yet seen the movie myself. You have been warned!)



- :):):D:):):):)

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