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Voice actors for IWD NPC


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IWD NPC mod, a mod which adds joinable talking NPCs to Icewind Dale, with banter, scenery dialogue, flirts and romances, in production at Pocket Plane modding community, will be nearling completion soon.


There are five NPCs in the project. All five require full voicing, which comes up to about 100-120 short lines. Two actors have already been (tentatively, and with much gratitude on my part) chosen; three more remain.


If you are willing to become one of them, and if

- English is your first language;

- you'll be able to record with the minimum amount of noise(which is relatively easy; if you are not sure how, see the link below);

- you'll be willing to play the role. No special training is required, and in computer games, there's no such thing as overacting,


then, please, take a look at the samples. If your (male) voice is not low enough, this is a bonus.


a) Nella(female human fighter), a calm, confident and serious young woman.


Sample 1: So, as we are in this together, we might as well know each other better.

Sample 2: I often come here. Watching the blades being made... it is just like magic.

Sample 3: Oh, not the place again.


b) Holvir(male human paladin), a brave, noble, (slightly) pompous young man.


Sample 1: A fine display of swords. The work of a true craftsman.

Sample 2: Our first mission is complete. My friends, this is a big accomplishment.

Sample 3: Do *you* think I am ceremonious?


c) Korin(male elven ranger), a grave, thoughtful, often irritated young man.


Sample 1: I live so close to these streets, but now they look unfamiliar.

Sample 2: Elves have no place underground. If there is something I hate, it is the rattling of rotting bones.

Sample 3: I am sorry for putting your lives at risk. I shouldn't have-



Also, take a look at some helpful hints for audio recording:



Please, send your samples in .wav or in .ogg format to me. The e-mail is kulyok, at



Alternatively, you can contact me in this thread or via Icewind Dale NPCs forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/board,89.0.html.


Deadlines: I'd like to hear from you before the end of February. Then, in the beginning of March, I'll be able to send you the full script(and the link to the working mod, too, if you like).

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