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Without BG2 fixpack...

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hi, people... I've notice that SCSII is supposed to be installed in a BG2 fixpack enviroment.


well, I want to install BGT with ascension, BG1NPC, BG1UB, Miniquests for BG1, SCS, quest pack (BG2), and SCSII.


the problem is that I've already installed all of these mods, without BG 2 fixpack. And I want to install some components of SCS II.


What could possibly happen if I dont reinstall BG 2 fixpack (don't wanna do it now because it's supposed to be installed before BGT, in fact, before any mod at all).


should I install SCS ii at this point? what specific componet could generate a problem? Can those be serious problems or they're just an annoyance?


thank you, and i'm loving playing through this games for the first time with all of your mods installed...

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David, while testing the latest version of RR, I noticed that a few stat checks which rely on Detectable Spells have some minor errors without the G3 BG2 Fixpack. For example, Death Ward (SPPR409.SPL) can't be properly detected in the unmodded game (and with Baldurdash) due to a mistargeted opcode.

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The world won't end if you install SCS II without the fixpack; it's just that it was written and tested in a with-fixpack environment so for all I know I'm making assumptions that are wrong on a non-fixpacked game.


So, since it's no tested, you're not so sure? well, anyway, I'll probably install it later, since now, i'm really playing BG 1 in the BGT enviroment. When I finish, i reinstall and continue the game.



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