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SOA Demogorgon too easy?

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Version of Game: ToB

Mods Installed: Dungeon be gone; fixpack4; tweakpack5

Description of Problem:


In the temple ruins in the Underdark, you sacrifice an animal and 5 Demon-Knights appear...


This used to be a very hard battle, but last time I tried, a L12 party beat them easily.

I noticed the Demons now cast Fireball. I wonder if they're not wasting time casting spells while being butchered by hasted heroes?

Also, an obvious summon for that battle is Jaheira's Fire Elemental, who's of course immune to Fireball.

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All of the Demon Knight spellcasting is random (so you may or may not see any particular spell in any given fight - including their native FireBall © ).


All of their spells are also forcecast, so they take up no more than 0.4 seconds of their infernal time.


Did you perhaps have some Tactics or some other difficulty pump installed last time?

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No, but last time was an evil party. I suppose Korgan's axe isn't the same as my berserker's Flail of Ages. And good NPC's (Minsc etc) can deal more physical damage than evil ones in little time.

It could be tactics too, as last time I didn't haste everybody.

I also used drow bolts of stunning, but it wasn't clear if it worked.

I wondered if something was changed because I've already played that battle some 10 times, and it was the first time I saw them cast Fireball.

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