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Delainey and Durlyle portraits


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Hi Bri, Cam!


We add a bunch of optional non-joinable characters portraits in BG1NPC, so Amazing Maurice (who is the protrait gatherer) figured that it may be a good idea for us to use the same portrait that you guys use in BG2; Do you guys like this idea? And if yes - which portraits will Del and Dur come with "by default"? I know there is the whole collection... but which ones do you prefer to be introduced from the start?

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I think that would be a good idea Domi.


However, I think the picture for Del has been narrowed (and if the artist for the one Icelus put up allows us to change Del's eyecolor) we might use that one.


The one for Durlyle, though, really hasn't been settled.

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Also, here is a portrait I am using for one of minor characters, but I thought it can fit for Durlyle (the autor is Amok, you will need to ask for his permission, and he usually is easy to go with his "hobby" gallery)


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I mentioned to gyrfalconthegrey about including a small Delainy portrait in the BG1 NPC Project, and she has no problem with that whatsoever. I'll send over the files to you guys just as soon as I get them back from her.

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