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IWD cre files, secondary/tertiary death variables


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These are actually the names of variables that get set when a creature dies. The first one, at 0x27e, gets set to 1. The second, at 0x29e, gets incremented by one. Both are GLOBALs. The regular script name at 0x2e8 can be used in the regular way and increments the SPRITE_IS_DEADfoo variable, just like BG2.


I think this is known already, but I didn't see it in the v9 creature file format page.

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This is extremely useful. I had Dead("hightort") misfire before; do I understand correctly that I had to check for GlobalGT("hightort","GLOBAL",0) instead?

If hightort is set as the script name/primary DV at 0x2e8, then a Dead("hightort") check should work. If it's set as the secondary or tertiary DV at 0x27e or 0x29e, then you need to check the global variable instead.

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New build up (JAR only for now). Also re-enables the animation list for IWD visual effect opcode (oops!), correctly recognizes IWD ARE actor names as valid script names again, and has an ugly (but seemingly functional) hack to prevent an exception when decompiling scripts with "" objects that have spaces in the name under IWD (apparently always broken in 1.33 betas).

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