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V6.1 Content


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Version 6.1 of Auren contains the following:


- A joinable NPC

- Full voicing

- 3 original songs

- Several banters/friendship with the PC

- SoA and ToB content

- Fate Spirit summoning

- A small encounter and quest

- An NPC NPC romance with Nalia (rated T for Teen)

- Numerous interjections

- A custom weapon

- Banters with Bioware NPCs

- Tree of Life Dialogue

- End Game Dialogue

- 2 possible epilogues for Auren, 1 new one for Nalia.

- Player Initiated Dialogues

- 3 portraits to choose from

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Thanks. I figured that putting something like this for my Sarah mod as well might make it easier for people to see what they're downloading. I didn't want to go into too much detail with exact word number counts, etc, simply because I am too lazy to look it up and also because I don't believe a word count should represent the quality of a mod.

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