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New PC portaits


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Hoping this is the right location for this-- here are seven PC (or for that matter, NPC) portaits I put together, free for anyone who wants to use them. I put them together using various models for The Sims 2, since I have no talent for drawing whatsoever. I can provide .zip files, as well, if that's preferred.



I think this is a paladin. She's wondering about honor. She's wondering about faith. She's wondering how it is messengers can always find her and her group, no matter what. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcf00.rar



A very tired, perhaps slightly unstable, Bhaalspawn. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcf01.rar



Full of (probably misplaced) hope for the future. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcf02.rar



Remarkably well-groomed. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcf03.rar



A bit orange-ish, but I liked the background, and I feel like I got a really good angle on her, there. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcf04.rar



Like the female paladin above, this guy probably should have dodged whatever it was that had claws.... - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcm00.rar



Guys, seriously. Helmets are your friend. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcm01.rar



A common theme here-- lines and wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Maybe a bit too old for the projected age of the PC, but given the whole Bhaalspawn thing, maybe not. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcm03.rar



Monochromatic. Moody. Broody. Or maybe he finally found the "surprise" Imoen left for him in the bottom of his sleeping roll and is contemplating sororicide. - http://finalgirl.us/BG/emcm04.rar

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