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Shar-Teel Romance Clarification


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Just want to clarify, with SHARTD.BCS set up the way it is, anytime your party reputation goes over 10, it puts the romance on pause, so to speak until you do something vile like off little Drienne, or something to get your reputation lowered again, but it doesn't kill the romance by being above 10, correct?

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It does, if you have Branwen in party, and her romance is active. In this case, if your reputation is below 10, Branwen's Romance dies. If it is above 9, Shar-Teel's romance dies.


Other than that, it's on hold, as you said.

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erebusant - yes, you are correct about the coding for SharTeel - while you are taking a look at this, can you confirm; are there other mods on a Mega that deal with SharTeel, and if so, what are they, please?

The only mod I am aware of that does anything with Shar-Teel is NEJ2. I haven't run into any issues with this as long as NEJ2 is installed after BGT and prior to BG1NPC. If you want I can PM you a .rar with all my files from my game of a Shar-Teel flavor. I know for instance Vlad puts stuff for Shar-Teel and Imoen in SHARTD.BCS for when the party wakes up in Chateau Irenicus, and the Shar-Teel romance stuff is on top of that in the BCS and they both work normally as they should. And Shar-teel/Imoen banters in BG1 are working normally now once I worked out the BIMOEN.dlg issue with Tortured Souls, so I don't think there are any issues with the vanilla dialog files being changed.


The only thing I could possibly think of to add for Shar-teel in BG1NPC is some major break-up scene prior to the transition to BG2, because in BG2 there is no Shar-Teel romance. All business there. Unless someone is writing a BG2NPC, of course,,, :)

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No new content planned for this project, but I bet someone someday will make a SharTeel Romance :)


I am putting this in my Favorites for troublehooting later questions on Megas - thank you for the info. If install order solves these, I am a happy man. I wonder what oddness results from our patching in materials to vanilla dialogues when NEJ2 has gone between BGT and BG1NPC, but if you haven't found any issues, we should be fine. Thanks!

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