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Shrinking BG

Guest Grimdale

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Compressed biffs need uncompression when playing, so compressing them causes it to use more HD space when playing.


You can probably recompress the wav files into ogg, but that isn't much.

You can also compress all bam and mos files (into bamc and mosc formats), but most of that was already done with the official BG2.


I can imagine that the install version of BG2 could be brought down significantly, but the runtime version is impossible to shrink. Unless you cut content.

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In PS:T at least the full install instructions advise one to use different directories for each CD. Its not really needed, since the duplicated files are the SAME, just check them with MD5 or some kind of hashing algorithm. This saves 600+ mb in PS:T, never tried it with BG.

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