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conflicts with BG1UB for BGT/TuTu v6


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I was wondering what the known conflicts between this mod and BG1NPC were. Kulyok mentioned a conflict in another recent thread, I believe started by Quin. I'm not sure if she meant the BG1UB for BG1/ToSC or this latest release. I was playing through with BG1NPC v14 and ran into all of the romance issues, but it seems there are now work arounds for them. But I also ran into a # of CTD's during random dialogs that I ascribed to a conflict with BG1UB for BGT/Tutu v4. Since it looks like NPC v15 isn't do out for awhile I thought I'd try using UB v6 and seeing if that helped.


The CTD dialogs I ran into were as follows, there could be more that I didn't find but these were repeatable.


1. The noblewoman in Baldur's Gate that tells you about Ragefast and the nymph.


2. Both the druid and the peeping tom mage in the side quest with the twin girls in Baldur's Gate.


3. The party of adventures in the Bassilisk Garden.


I believed it was a conflict with BG1UB and BG1NPC because the CTD's occurred during dialog when one of the npc's tried to banter. Therefore my list of suspects for the conflict within UB are as follows:

1. Creature Corrections

2. Creature Restorations

3. Creature Name Restorations

4. Minor Dialog Restorations

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Well it looks like BG1UB isn't to blame. I uninstalled it and and still got the crash. However, I uninstalled BG1NPC v14 and it played just fine. So there is definitely something amiss with v14. I can't verify the other 2 CTD dialogs I mentioned are corrected but I would assume they are. I just happened to have an autosave just before going to the basilisk garden so I could recheck that one.

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For the record, I didn't have any problems with the basilisk garden. I haven't reached the other problem areas yet. I'm playing with EasyTutu, and BG1UB v6 installed before BG1NPC v 14.


I -did- account for the known issues described in this thread during my install:




Following those directions (i.e., installing UB first and not installing those five UB components) has given me a great and stable gaming experience so far. The only actual -bug- I've encountered was harmless and a UB-only issue (that silent following hobgoblin I mentioned in the other thread).


I know there was some issue with Minor Dialogue Restorations or something, but it's apparently only a problem if you install BG1NPC before BG1UB, so no need to worry about it if you go with the install method described here.


Fair warning: I haven't completed the game yet... just done the southern half of the world map, mainly... but I'm pretty happy with what I've got so far. If I run into any serious bugs that I think are a result of incompatibility with UB, I'll mention it here as well as in my own thread.



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