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? about mod romance globals


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If you try to find out if a romance is active via CLUA and get the response that the global doesn't exist, does that mean that the romance is inactive, or that the romance cannot even begin, or maybe both? I am trying to romance Sarah now that I have a new install and can't tell if because Anomen is in my party she will ever begin to romance my pc. My pc isn't even at the flirt stage with him yet and my pc is good aligned and at a popular rep but CLUA says the global doesn't exist. Granted I started this game a week or so ago and not much time has gone by in the game so I don't know if the lack of the global could be that or if it means she won't romance my pc at all. I had trouble with my last install and couldn't finish with Sarah and now I really want to but she seems a bit tricky for me at the early stage.


I hope this is an okay place to ask even though I'm asking about Sarah this time I do wonder about the global for other romances such as the delicious Angelo! I would guess they all work the same? Anyway, if I'm making sense can someone let me know about the global not existing console response.

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My Sarahfriendshipactive is 1, Sarahpretalk is 7, and Sarahtalkfriend is 1. I'm not sure what all those mean but that's what SK says. I don't recall the talks content but she did ask a "personal question" and I've been nice to her and am popular and not at a flirt stage with Anomen yet.


Kulyok thanks! I'm not that smart though so I won't mess with things via the console I just want to begin a game with both in my party and then split the games and romance each seperately. But I don't know how "sensitive" each are to the other for how long before I have to choose. I get the feeling that with these two I may have to choose right away. At least now I know how to look up stuff in SK. Not that I know what it means though! :)

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The latest version of Crossmod Banter Pack doesn't have Angelo yet, and within Angelo himself, I haven't coded any reactions to any mod romances, leaving it to Crossmod Banter Pack. So you'll likely be able to run them side by side(obviously, I don't recommend it for story reasons, etc). But you'll get a conflict between Angelo and Anomen fairly soon.

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Yes, the current version of Crossmod Banter Pack doesn't include Angelo in the romance kills area.


And even when the next version comes out, that will include Angelo, if you want to romance Sarah and Angelo simultaneously, all you have to do is avoid installing the "Romance Conflict" component.

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