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Bodhi Enquiry

Strontium Dog

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I'm curious as to when you next plan on adding an Improved Bodhi to SCS II? I think(?) you've already added an Improved Irenicus, correct?


Well, I actually kind-of-like the one in Tactics, to be honest, which was why I deprioritised this... I was planning to revisit it next time I think seriously about the mod, which will probably be in mid March.

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I quite like it too...except the "drain 5 levels on hit" ability which made her unbearable without enhancing the Negative Plane Protection spell (5 rounds duration is silly imo), and the permanent fire shield effect (i'm against the visual effect more than the ability itself which can be good).

Obviously I'd love to see a revised version of Improved Bodhi in SCS II.

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