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Which PrC fits Bishop?


Which PrC fits Bishop?  

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Bishop is one of the NPCs of NWN2. He's an evil ranger. It's 3E based, so you can have evil rangers. Domi has written a delicious romance for him, that I can't play because I don't have a computer that can run NWN2.


PrC stands for Prestige Class, a specialty class that's rather like the "kits" that you are more familiar with. They differ from kits, though, because you can generally only take them once you have achieved a certain status/skill distribution/level in the base class.

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Hmmm, hard question really, at least to me anyhow, in my campaigns, I always gave him 2 longswords and he never ended up using any bows so arcane archer just doesnt sit with me ^_^


As for the blackguard idea, it makes me think of Vico in NWN: A Dance With Rogues whenever I think of NPC blackguards. And while bishop can be nasty spirited at times, I never saw him as quite that nasty ^_~

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And now plenty of folks seem to think that a Rogue-Assassin is a good fit.


Mmm, part of keeping breathing as an assassin is being bought and staying bought. Not a skill that Bishop cultivates. Pure ranger is still the best, although after spending years in 2nd addition, it is really tough to accept the whole evil ranger thing. Although intellectually, I can envision the nasty tracker, or evil bounty hunter type.


I'd like a rogue in MotB other than Kaaji (sp?), but at that point of the game, you would be we way behind in skill points, so I don't know how much Bishop's overall utility would be increased by taking Rogue levels.


I don't recall exactly how Bishop and Neeshka got along (since Neeshka really should have been Chaotic Neutral if not Chaotic Evil, I figured they should have gotten along famously or tried to randomly cut each other's throats), but Bishop could have learned from watching Neeshka if not directly being tutored by her.


Besides ranger, if you really are considering a PrC, which I think would be have to be heavily story related, I'd look to one of the community created PrC, such as Kaedrin or LadyDesire's PrC packs and see if anything in either of those fit the bill.


As I recall one of Kaedrin's future updates, will be to add a bunch of nature related spells, which would be one way of giving a pure Ranger Bishop more options, at least as far as spellcasting.

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The trouble with Bishop is that he chose archery as his combat style - this is incredibly weak compared to two weapon fighting, particularly in the expansion. There aren't too many PrCs that will really benefit Bishop as an archer.


In the last game I played, I cheated and relevelled bishop with another mod, turning him into a skill house with able learner as a 4 rogue/12 ranger/4 fighter - two weapon fighting etc etc. It made the game a little easy, but at least he was useful (replacing Neeshka, since my main character had no rogue levels).



Also, note that Arcane Archer requires the character be an elf.

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I am actually thinking to just give you Bishop on whatever level Ranger enough to have him commited enough to the Ranger path, and take off the restrictions, so people can build him whatever way they want from there.

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my 2 cents? Archer, yes Arcane, no


I just can't picture him with arcane abilities. Now if it were just plain archer or something like that. yes I know archer is not a choice on nwn2


I would go with assassin personally. as I think it would suit him better than a blackguard. certainly NOT a blackguard that;s for sure. He mostly prefers to use a longbow in combat. or a longsword.

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