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Minor creature/dialogue issue


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After leaving Irenicus' dungeon and watching the cutscene I talked to a bystander named Lady Beth (bystand2.cre). She has a leftover class script from BG1 assigned, that resets her dialogue to one of the noblewoman in Baldur's Gate, so her intended dialogue is never seen.

I've never noticed this before, so can someone with a clean install confirm this?

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The script doesn't do anything in normal BG2 (she's only sticks around for a day -- and blocks the last half of the area script IIRC -- before leaving forever). DukeThanks will never be set, and there's no chance of ever seeing her by the time Chapter == 7.

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Ah, so that's why I never noticed it before. It's my first playthrough with BGT installed therefor DukeThanks is set.

Hmm, should BGT reset DukeThanks upon transition or should BG2Fixpack remove the class script? (*hears Baronius talking about removing interfaces* :))

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You know, we actually don't have the ar0700.bcs script fix, yet.

// Waukeen's Promenade script loop
COPY_EXISTING ar0700.bcs override
~^\(  GlobalTimerExpired("Bystander","GLOBAL")\)~
~\1 OR(2) InMyArea("bystand1") InMyArea("bystand2")~

// Lady Beth
COPY_EXISTING bystand2.cre override
 WRITE_ASCII 0x250 ~~ #8

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...and I'm more surprised Taimon had actually paid attention to that scrub Baronius. headscratch.gif (And here I thought Taimon was way too brilliant to be influenced by anyone. Guess I was wrong...)



(*hears Baronius talking about removing interfaces* ;))


seriously, why would you, of all people, ever take anything that bored BWL water buffalo says seriously? :)


The BD-Weidu fixpack contains things that have NO business being included in a "fixpack". (restored Dakkon's blade, multi-stronghold tweak, improved copper coronet AI, ... what sane human would consider these a 'fix'? :) )


Yet you'd never hear Baro talk about removing interfaces/dependencies/interrelations/mongolian-clusterfucks/etc when it comes to the BD-Weidu fixpack. Why? Because it's hosted on his site. :D


And the fact that he's still keeping hostage an old, particularly buggy version of the G3 fixpack (v6) on his download mirror is a testament to the fact that he's a two-faced hypocritical scumbag.




Disappointed, Taimon.


You're still a spectacular, supremely intelligent Kraut... but somehow I'm saddened.



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