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A Belated Valentine's Day Treat


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Well, since you hinted so subtly...




Aklon: So, my love, how are you this day?


PC: [other choices available] I'm fine thanks, Aklon.


Aklon: I am delighted to hear it. Perhaps this will improve your day further.


(Aklon takes you into his arms and swiftly joins his lips to your own. His kiss is passionate, but all too short).


Aklon: I apologise for the brevity of that kiss. You said we have much to do yet, so we have little time for else. Consider that to be an appetizer, so to speak.

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Thanks Ice Dragon and MissBehave, I'm glad the talk meets appetizing standards. :D


And it's less dedication than bloody-minded resolve to do what I said I'd do, but it comes to the same thing, I suppose.

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