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BG1 and Linux

Guest Some Noob (Joshua)

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Guest Some Noob (Joshua)

Alright, I am apperently an complete noob at running BG under Linux, because... nothing works


FIrst of all, the Baldur's Gate exe keeps saying that the CD was not found... The CD is there, though.


Secondly, I seem to suck at getting Weidu to work to Linux. I found A tutorial, but somehow nothing runs...



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I guess you are using wine.

If so, verify in winecfg that your cd drive is recognized.

(go to the drive tab and click "autodetect". Your CD needs to be plugged in, as it uses some automated way to detect it)


For weidu, I guess this is a matter of case in file names. I had a small script somewhere to lower everything. Can't remember where it is :/

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