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ToTL: Nasty talking door, dungeon level 2


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(don't read if you never played ToTL)


I've a problem with this door: it doesn't let me talk to it. That is, it did, I knew what I had to do to let it open, went and found two skulls, and the door wasn't talking anymore. It didn't have the mouth animation, it didn't have anything. I waited, I tried to unlock it, but no avail. I think it might be a glitch. Perhaps it is something for IWD Tweaks to work with? The door is in AR9717.



N.B. Whoever posts "Next!": it's not funny.


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The magic mouth is a four part sequence, driven by magicmouth_talk:


0 - go to 1 if See[pc] and timer expired.

1 - play awakening animation, set to 2, set timer for 5

2 - If See[enemy] or !See[pc], skip to 3. If See[pc], timer expired, and the MM is not dead or hostile (can't see how), set to 3 and initiate dialogue.

3 - play disappearing animation, set to 4.

4 - as soon as !See[pc], set back to 0 and set timer for 5.


magicmouth_done is set by dummbye.bcs, a cutscene triggered via the magic mouth's dialogue when the player has both skulls. Once mm_done is set and mm_t has moved past 3, the door opens. mm_done destroys the mouth.


So, I'm not seeing anything overt that leaps out as a source of wonk. If you wander away while the mouth is appearing (i.e. mm_t is 2 and the timer's not expired), you'll miss it and have to wait while it goes through and resets. If you wander back in to visual range, it won't reset.

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