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dynaheir journal quest v15D


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This might be better posted in the playtesting forum but I don't know how to get to it.


Anyway, I have Dyanaheir in the party and meet Drizzt. We talk about the journal and all goes well. I choose search alone and dismiss him. The good gnolls show up but don't initiate dialog. I've checked my globals and the x#dynaquest.d file and it looks like it ought to be working.


On a related note, the lone hobgoblin at the wilderness lake that usually, in v14 anyway, talks about wanting help and says he's with the Chill didn't initiate dialog either.

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Not a developer, but I just did this area.


Not sure why the gnolls wouldn't initiate dialogue... I usually get four of them, and one of them will move toward the party to initiate. Is he at least approaching? If you haven't already, I'd try replaying it once or twice from a load game to see if it's repeatable, might just be a fluke. EDIT: Ah, you're on version 15, didn't pick that up, sorry. Mine was on 14, so could easily be different. The gnolls seemed to work fine in v14, anyway.


If the hobgoblin you're talking about is in the same area, yeah, I got it a couple days ago. I'm pretty sure it's a BG1UB bug. I reported it over on this thread:





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I'm not touching Dynaheir's quest stuff, so it's exactly the same in 15D as it is in 14. Which means that something else is going on.


And yes, Qwinn is right. BG1 NPC adds gnolls, not hobgoblins. If there's a hobgoblin thereabouts, he's UB.

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