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Typo on the project page


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Congratulations on the release of v10!


Just found a tiny little typo on the project page:


Major fixes to Bandoth's dialogue and his razorvine extract quest. The quest could be ended randomly or prove unavailable under a variety of circumstances. The fix entailed changes to his dialogue and a few other scripts. Bandoth's advice for the puzzle room was also never available due to some bad variable chacks and weightings.

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Crap. Actually, that whole phrase needs to be updated, and I forgot--as redrake pointed out in the v9 release thread, the advice is available in the game, just not under every dialogue path. I also forgot to add the fire resistance to Nym's upgraded rhino beetle shield, as noted by Razfallow.


Let's just go ahead and designate this as the 'stuff I forgot for v10' thread.

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Another typo, courtesy of Louisa via PM:

Sorry for that, I had not seen this thread yet :)


So have some more just as my way to apologise again. Red means new letter that I put in, and underlined + strike (I hope that they are visible) is a letter too much:


Assorted Fixes:

You should be able to charm the wolf in Aspel's shop and get it to leave peaceably, but it was not working for games without HoW


Dialogue fixes:

The little girl on the first level of Dragon's Eye (the one who gives you experience for freeing them) could occassionally have 'no valid links or replies' errors if spoken to before the captives were free


Script fixes:

Shadowed Orc Shamen would occassionally heal the party instead of their allies


Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight

...weapons created by Enchanted Weapon, Shillegagh [> Shillelagh]... [I think that this is also wrong in the readme that you copied it from :) ]


Minimum Stats Cheat

...flexibility in re-distrubuting [> distributing] the points ...


Version 9 - February 13, 2008

Shadowed Orc Shamen would occassionally heal the party instead of their allies


Version 8 - January 25, 2008

...changes morning stars to appear as maces on the avatar of your character

...bug with Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor, where it was not adjusting item descriptions...


Version 7 - August 10, 2007

...never available due to some bad variable chacks [> checks]... [If berelinde is reporting this then I will instead report the same sentence in the Assorted Fixes at top, or if she is reporting that then I will report this... :) ]

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