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TotL: watchknight crypt, possible glitches


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1) When I get the key and open a door(the key disappears), then accidentally click on the door once more and close the door, it doesn't open again.


2) I got to the final room, and as I was playtesting didn't care which scroll belonged to which coffin. So I did the silliest thing: put all scrolls into one coffin, waited for the right scroll to disappear, went to the next coffin, and so on. Naturally, knights started to appear, one by one, but I did _not_ initiate dialogue with them.

Problem: they started initiating dialogue with me, and all went well(up to the point when the last knight said the last goodbye, task fulfilled, variables set, everything's cool), but _then_ I had this light blue animation again, and one of the knights appeared again. He didn't talk(naturally, all dialogue options were exhausted!) but he stood there, whereas he shouldn't have.


(I might be mistaken, naturally, but the door didn't open and the knight was there, so I thought I should report.)

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