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Watcher's Keep Woes

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If you go to Watcher's Keep during SoA, Ordren's initial dialogue will be broken ('continue' will end the dialogue) because you are only doing the interjection for the 25j file without a chapter check, whereas you need to check for SoA vs. ToB and interject in the 25j/j dlg as appropriate. Thankfully, you can simply re-talk to him and he'll start the 'so, did you think enough about that?' dialogue, thus not breaking everything.


I_C_T GORPOL1 1 ADWatcherKeepToBInt1
== ADANG25J IF ~InParty("ADAngel") InMyArea("ADAngel") !StateCheck("ADAngel",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @416


untested fix ->


I_C_T GORPOL1 1 ADWatcherKeepToBInt1
== ADANG25J IF ~InParty("ADAngel") InMyArea("ADAngel") !StateCheck("ADAngel",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) GlobalGT("Chapter","GLOBAL",7)~ THEN @416

I_C_T GORPOL1 1 ADWatcherKeepToBInt1
==  ADANGELJ IF ~InParty("ADAngel") InMyArea("ADAngel") !StateCheck("ADAngel",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) GlobalLT("Chapter","GLOBAL",8)~ THEN @416


Since I'm unsure on what other WK interjections Angelo has (and I've gotten there just to get the Bag of Selling from z#misc, not to wipe it at level 9), I'll leave you the fun job of auditing all other WK interjections :)

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