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Fun Trivia! Things that were planned for the mod but never happened!


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Just for fun here...these are a few things that were planned for Auren but never implemented due to one thing or another. Also, just some random fun stuff.


- She was going to be an elf

- She was going to be PC romanceable.

- She was going to have two longswords

- Moongaze was the original voice of Valinor

- Mistress E was her first choice for portrait

- V1 had a lovely bug that crashed the game upon meeting Irenicus in Hell.

- The first dialogue shown to the public was one between her and Nalia "What's your favorite color?"

- Feuille physically mailed me a disc with her voicing on it because MSN sucks.

- The Auren in the mod is completely different from the Auren in my original fanfic (don't find it please and DO NOT read it! :) )

- Her joining dialogue had plans to evolve into more than a cookie cutout of Ghrey's tutorial but it never did.

- Arianna was supposed to kidnap Nalia in ToB.

- Auren was started in October of 2005 and would have been finished in November but Ace decided to stop production for a while after being exhausted from spending just about every night in October from 9pm to 3am learning how to code. V1 was released in February (or was it January) of 2006. (Also, she was hungry.)

- ToB was not going to be completed and Ace had considered giving the mod up for adoption.

- There is a PID choice where you can declare your undying love to Auren.

- Auren's current soundtrack is a newer version of her original songs (which sounded like they were recorded in a beer can).

- Auren has 3 portrait options but Ace's favorite is her original one (does anyone remember which one that is?)

- In the time that Auren has been available for public download, Ace has received three pms/emails stating that the mod is in one way or another a disgrace to the modding community because of her choice of partner. They were quite silly and immature yet entertaining in their own special way.

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