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Scrolls, Rods and Quests!

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All of this is very iffy material (or better added to DR or whatever), but I'll post here nevertheless. Insult me heavily if this is introduced by a third mod (or, come think of it, if you think I smell).


- Inquisitors can use the Scrolls of Cure .* Wounds (which they can't cast due to kit restrictions), whereas specialist mages can't use opposing school's scrolls. Of course, if we're going to change this, it may be worth to derive a full OBC component forbidding Invokers from using the Ring of 18 CHA & Charming, Necromancers from using the Ring of Invisibility, etc. (as per D&D rules)


- Wizard Slayers can use the Rod of Resurrection. Also, can use (at least, haven't audited 2000+ itm files) the other rods.* items when dualled, whereas wand.* remain still forbidden (of course, weapon-style rods can remain usable, but wand-like rods not).


- In stark opposition to #1, a party in Chapter 6 without a divine caster is forced to backtrack to Ribald and get the Rod of Resurrection to killl the Manifestation. My idea would be (in OBC) to make the cultist dude give you a scroll of healing usable by everyone for the purpose of advancing the quest, but there's bound to be a less cheesy method of doing this.

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Just my thoughts on the matter, as it's an interesting question:


I don't think it's necessarily all that bad that wizard slayers can use a rod of resurrection, and other rods provisionally, primarily because it's not "wizard" magic, it's divine magic. They can use all sorts of curative items like healing potions, etc., can't they? I wouldn't even have a problem with their being able to use clericy stone to flesh scrolls and all that. That doesn't conflict with their nature, if you ask me. Frankly, even if it's not strictly PnP rules I would consider it a positive change if it were changed so that wizard slayers could, by design, be allowed to use any item that fighters could use and that was clearly divine in nature. The restriction of almost all other magic items is a vicious enough restriction as it is, it wouldn't really give them that much more to play with that they aren't supposed to have.


As it stands, wizard slayers are probably the class I'm -least- interested in playing. I mean for all the massive penalties they get (especially in a game like this where magic items are so much of a player's power), they'd have to get something like most of the berserker immunities -naturally- to really tempt me to try one. Having access to clearly divine items (not that many of them around) would make them slightly more palatable to actually want to play. Restricting them even more just isn't called for by any balance reason, IMO.



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