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footsteps sounds


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OK.. I want to provide a patch for footsteps in gemRB. That would not be too hard if I knew which sounds would be played on which ground.


So I'm wondering if there was a list for this sort of thing somewhere.


For those who want to help me : play the game and compare sounds using DLTCEP.


The candidates are WAL_XXX sounds.

Some of them have nothing to do with footsteps... This make it worse.


What I can say is :

Wood 1 (9 on searchmap) is WAL_02 family of sounds

Soft Surface (5) WAL_06

Sand(1) WAL_04

Stone 2 (7) WAL_03


These are just bets, and my ears are very bad.

Tests were made using BG1. Feel free to use other games.

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