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Easytutu Mod List


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yep - nobody has confirmed a complete successful playthrough in the comments thread (or if they did, I missed it :) ). Usually two independent "yes it works without crashing and I can finish my game" is enough to get on the list, and then forum stuff handles situations.


Someone needs to do a confirmation of Secret of Bone Hill, I think, too - its staus may have changed with bugfixes.


That does not mean that they do not work, it just means that no one has said 'yes, I have successfully installed and played through the mod from beginnig to end and it is compatible/non-game-breaking)'.


I can personally vouch for Gnomes, as I have added it and some of its content was donated to BG1NPC by Miloch; but I need a second 'yes' on it.

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I thought Drizzt Saga was there already, maybe in yellow, but it's been a while since I've checked. I thought cmorgan was last testing what it does with the Drizzt .cre with respect to BG1NPC and that was worked out... maybe I was dreaming.


As for the Beregost Crash Fixer, it's not really a mod; it's more of a tool to use only if your game gets hosed (and as such, doesn't really have an "install order").


[Edit: and yes, no reason to install Gnomes v1 if you have BG1NPC (v14 or greater I think?). If I ever get the v2 out that completely overhauls Quayle and Tiax and gives them different kittable options and alternate portraits, that might be a different story, unless BG1NPC wants to swallow that too, which is fine with me, but probably not some folks...]

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