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Problems with internet connection


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My ISP provider T-com.sk is bunch of arrogant cretins. Why? let me explain

So my story begins when i ordered instalation of my internet connection 27.12.2007 they agreed to connect me 30 days after my order 9.2. 2008 they finally connected me but that was not end of my problems 1.3. 2008 my router Vigor 2700 VoIP refused to serve me so i went to T-com center and requested repair of old one and asked them about borrowing but they didnt have spare routers they had only 3 spare routers for huge city!!! so i asked about at least modem but they didnt have even that so i told them i will not pay for their service

reply was WE DONT CARE ! we granted you service and anything other does not matter to us ! first how they now that connection is not working without examination and second this is not correct way to communicate with customers.



An eternity of greetings sends you



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