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imoen gone quiet?

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Ive recently started tutu bg1 and at first imoen was iniating dialog frequently, however since she created a small tome well playing with a spell book she has stopped talking to me (she does with others on occassion).


Around the same time i said something to her which upset her and im wondering if this has stopped her talking with me....added to this when i talk to her she responds more negatively than she did before, despite my rep being high etc, is there a way using the console or what not to fix this and make her happy, or do i need to do something to continue the chats?


its bothering me cos im loving the imoen banter :)

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That is normal. The content added to Imoen in the BGI NPC project is really well written and quite good. The credits say someone named Blucher wrote it and he really did a good job. However, what is there is a bit front loaded. You have already finished the majority of the direct interactions with imoen by the time she finishes the spell book dialog


There are more, but they will be fewer and farther between, and much of her remaining dialog will be with the other NPCs in your party and not you. You have not done anything wrong, that just how she is coded.


Edit: such a small post for a grammar error

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You can't ever annoy Imoen enough so that she stops talking to you. It's probably just that she's run out of things to say.


She has several friendship talks in rapid succession early in the game, and then nothing until almost the end.


So your game isn't broken. As long as she's chatting with other NPCs and as long as her PID works, you're good.

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There's a few more, don't worry, but yeah, nothing like at the beginning.


As for her attitude, if you're talking about her reactions when you force-talk her, yeah, it -is- weird and I noticed it in my play through too. When you ask her what's wrong, it seems like up until rep 18 she says something like "Don't you think our reputation is kinda sucky?", and then at 19 and 20 she says "I'm all for doing good stuff, but don't you think you're taking it too far?". Neither of those are all that fitting or make much sense, IMO. No happy medium, at 18 rep she's complaining that that's just not good enough, and at 19 and 20 she sounds more like a neutral character than even a good one. Personally I don't think she should complain anywhere above rep 10, and she should be thrilled about a 20 rep. I can see people getting confused/concerned about that for a long time, it certainly confused me.


Everything else in the Imoen writing is just great though, IMO. You'll see more friend banters from her, they're just going to generally be more event driven from now on, such as arriving in certain places or talking to certain people (especially in Chapter 6).



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Ok thats good to know, thanks for your replys. I have to say the amount and quality of the convos have been awesome and expecting that through out the whole game was asking a bit much... im open the romance/imoen extension in bg2 is as good or better:)


Its funny i never really liked her before, but this has given her a deeper, funnier personality than even bioware gave her, and now shes probably my favourite npc along with minsc.


I guess im just surprised she doesnt comment on what her book does hehe.

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