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Ideas for new inventory GUI


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Hi there at gemRB


I heard about your project a year back but stopped playing BG (as you do) for a long time then I started playing again recently with BGT. I remembered that there was an open source mod going on but couldn't find the damn thing on google or any of the mod sites (seriously you guys need better PR and a more relevant project name lol!). Anyway it was only by chance that i stumbled upon a post by Avenger with gemRB in his signature and ended up here again lol.


One of my gripes with original BG2 is that even with unlocked resolutions the menus never got any bigger, or didnt scale up.


So in fireworks I designed some new inventory GUIs specifically for 1024 * 768. My driving idea was to have much bigger paperdolls so that in the future there would be the potential to have redesigned, higher quality paperdolls displayed. Obviously they look a bit naff with plain backgrounds and rectangles everywhere but that was just to get an idea of the layout.


What do you guys think or do you have your own ideas for recreating the inventory screen? My favourites are 2 and 4 my least fav is 1 lol...




firstdesignfinalaa6.th.jpgFirst Design

seconddesignfinalil1.th.jpgSecond Design

thirddesignfinaloi6.th.jpgThird Design

fourthdesignfinalus6.th.jpgFourth Design

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The main goal for me with gemrb is to make it run with the original games.


So, gemrb itself won't have any redesigned artwork. Only stuff necessary to run the original games.


This doesn't mean you couldn't work on any GUI enhancements. If they are really good and don't hurt any copyrights, we could even host them on the gemrb site.


Btw, when i first heard about gemrb, i thought: 'what a lame name'.

But i got used to it in the years, and i don't think it needs to change.

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Since most people are right-handed, manipulatable elements should be on the right side.


In any case, what Avenger said. But I still think GemRB sounds dumb. :-)


Yes obviously this kind of thing shouldnt be included in the gemRB version but it is an idea of perhaps what I myself would like to mod in afterwards.


Also I'm not sure which side the bag should be on right or left, perhaps i will flip the whole thing over and see what it is like...

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