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A small typo in the fixpack tp2

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There seems to be a typo in the fixpack tp2 which causes a bunch of creatures and items to have effect #296 - "Protection from Specific Animation" set to SPWNCHRM.VVC instead of SPNWCHRM.VVC in the resource field. The prime examples would be PLANET01.CRE and POTN21.ITM. Here's an example of the mistyped reference:


PATCH_IF (("%opcode%" = 296) AND ("%resref%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "spwnchrm" = 0)) BEGIN // disable charmed visuals

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So reported and already fixed. ;-)


On the flipside, I no longer give SPNWCHRM immunity at all locally (we don't provide immunity to SPPOWRWD or SP1HI01 and SPLHI02 and other impact visuals, so why this one) and I've always had to use it selectively (not for undead immunity items).

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