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Aimi, Assassinations

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In the room where I had Aimi's event, there was another standing waitress (RE_ILONA, to be precise, since they both use ARRE03). Certainly gives a new meaning to the "There's another..." reply you can give at Aimi - at first I thought I was just sleeping with a no-name courtesan (without having asked for her) and Aimi came to have some three-way fun :)

Just to be sure to avoid similar situations, all encounters should take part in different copies of the same ARE file, rather than in the same one.


Also, in Assassinations, Qyr didn't move correctly to where he should have been after the first encounter. To be on the safe side, just have him appear in his new position via area script after the first talk. Also, the position description isn't too clear - you should point out the X.Y coordinates in the readme (I don't know how to be clearer via text, and don't want to post spoilers).

I'm keeping a save prior to ever entering that area, in case you want to run tests.

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I know, and I really wonder how it might've happened, since the only cutscene that says "PC leaves AR_RE" has got




Probably I should add a Wait(1) right afterwards - I will.

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Okay, fixed in my local copy, will make a note of double-checking it when the time comes.


But I don't understand: is something wrong with EscapeAreaMove()? Edwin uses it when going to Copper Coronet, and others do, and so far it seems to work flawlessly. So... I'm not sure. (I've noted the location in the readme, and elaborated on how to find him, though).

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Something was strange in general with Trademeet in my game... The merchant who sells you the Belt of Inertial Barrier and the Philosopher didn't appear as well, whereas the useless merchant involved in Mazzy's quest and the people involved in part 2 of Rejiek appeared correctly. CLUAing Qyr outside Trademeet did the trick, though. Perhaps I ran too quickly out of the Inn...

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