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Opcode 233, IWD


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For parameter 2, 'type', values of 109 and 110 ("Dedlee's electric loop" and "Darktree attack") freeze the game. Values of 14, 28-30, 90, and 95 appear not to do anything. This may have something to do with the targeting, but I couldn't get animations to play with these values.


The opcode descript is "Graphics: Icewind Visual Spell Hit (plays sound)", but I don't believe the opcode causes a sound to play. I used a spell with just a 233 opcode and one with no opcodes at all, and both caused the same sound effect to play when cast.


Lastly, 'Wylfdene' is misspelled for value 100 and the d in 'Dalzim' should be capitalized for value 94. For consistency, the w in word (17, 18), s in summoning (21-27), and l in lightning (45) should be capitalized as well.

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