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Dead mod?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

There has been no posts for several months and the board is in the "inactive" section. It would be a shame if it has been discontinued as this mod looks rather promising. Does anyone have an intention of finishing it?

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Yes, but that was in march last year. A year ago.


Pleaaasee don't tell that this mod is dead. I have only recently started playing BG2 with mods and found out that too many good and/or promising mods have died before ToB, for an example Tabiya, Amber, Fade etc.

Please tell us that this mod won't die like they have done.

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Amber is most definetly not dead. Iirc Fade was starting to test its ToB portion sometime ago. So, I don't think it's all that bad. One of these days you will be able to romance one or another female tiefling all the way through the game. :thumbsup:

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Guest Guest

By the nine hells! I just ran across this mod a few days ago so it is perhaps not as big of a disappointment to me, still its sad that something with so much potential to be delayed indefinitely.

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Guest Severance

Looks like this mod has died, or at least has been moved to "unreleased" which I rather expect is just a code word for dead.


Anyone bring some flowers? Want to say a few words?

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<<Insert Monty Python Quote Here>>
NOT DEAD MOD: I'm not dead!

MOD ARCHIVER: 'Ere. It says it's not dead!


MOD: I'm not!

ARCHIVER: It isn't?

SKEPTIC: Well, it will be soon. It's very ill.

MOD: I'm getting better!

SKEPTIC: No, you're not. You'll be stone dead in a moment.

ARCHIVER: Oh, I can't take it like that. It's against regulations.

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Please don't say this mod is dead TT.TT . I was just flipping through the mods here and found this and thought "this mod looks great" and then I notice I was in the inactive projects files. I know from experience with other sites that "inactive" is code for dead. If it is dead I hope someone with coding expierience (for I am a noob and can't code (and my computer won't let me)) resurrects it.

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