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Dead mod?

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I don't think there has been. I know I am still not experienced enough to do anything about it. (still learning the basics of NPC creation)

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So has any progress been made?




I'm only recently back to modding. But I'll have a shiny new NPC ready for release on the 18th. What happens afterwards? Who knows!


As for the Tiefling Sisters? Honestly, I'd love to carry on with the mod, but it's pretty grand, probably too much for just me to write. So I could ask other people to write them again, but that meets quite a bit of stress organising it all. We'll see, alright? It's just a big mod to juggle...

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*bows deeply* My thanks Master Grim Squeaker. My hope shall hold out, you are truely a wonderful modder. (I have yet to have time to try Tyris, but I shall) Keep up the great work ???

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Grim, please tell me there is still hope for this mod. It sounds really cool.

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