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After doing a ToB-in-SoA item upgrade, Cromwell will talk to you again.. and say his "generic" line rather than the "I hope you like your purchase" one. I have the Cromwell component from Tweaks, but not the one from Fixpack, detailed WeiDU.log on request.


Also, with the ToB-in-SoA component, Item Upgrade's Cromwell section should also offer the possibility to upgrade the Quiver of Plenty and the Case of Plenty (the other ToB-only items, AKA Bag of Plenty, Improved Flesh Armor and Improved Soul Reaver, require really-ToB-only components anyway and thus are fine as-is).

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Are you using v6? The Quiver of Planety was being prevented by a typo, if memory serves, in v5. I'll check out the rest.

I mean the +2 -> +3 update allowed by Item Upgrade, not the stock-ToB-backported-to-SoA +1 -> +2 upgrade.

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