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Ada's encounter is available for male half-orcs, Aimi - to all males, Renal, Ribald, Solaufein - to all females. The same can be said of quite a few encounters: read the readme.


As for Jan, if the encounter is well-written and somebody codes it, it's in. We are accepting submissions, just like the pinned topic says.

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IriaZenn, Sheri is gender and race inclusive (male or female, any race) , as is Chanelle (male or female, any race, but only the boy PCs have allusions to complications), Ainshen, and Noober (yuk) I believe. Several of the others are as well - worth a gander at the readme and a try at play ingame. Basically, with the exception of Renal, anything I contributed was designed to be as open to player choice as possible (people are people and romance is romance). Of course, some of them also are a bit explicit for some folk's tastes.

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