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Multiple Failures/Problems

Guest Kevan Bates

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Guest Kevan Bates

I'm using the Widescreen Mod for the TOB version of BG2 along with these other mods:


-G3 BG2 Fixpack V6

-G3 BG2 Tweakpack V6

-Weimer ItemUpgrade V35

-and Widescreen Mod V1


I install in this order:



-BG2 SOA Patch


-BG2 TOB Patch

-BGConfig for settings

-Widescreen Mod





Unfortunately I spent all afternoon trying to figure out this order, if I installed the widescreen mod after ANY mods, it completely screwed my entire BG2 directory and I was forced to delete the whole directory and re-install. After finally figuring this out, I'm getting even more problems!


First, the widescreen mod had an error that it could not copy "EXTEND_MOS". Which was fixed by re-installing, then installing in the correct order.


Next, it couldn't install because the BGMain couldn't be copied, again fixed by changing to a correct order of installation.


And just now, after I got it working correctly, it cuts off my whole right sidebar:




I have not been trying to install the mod over itself, or install it multiple times.


What's wrong now?

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Your order is wrong because ItemUpgrade goes before Tweak Pack.


And anyway, all symptoms you described are caused by doing 'strange stuff' to your installation, which I cannot figure out without hands-on access to your computer.


Regarding the right sidebar, I can't think of any way a sane installation would cause that. Either that, or you used the hotkey that hides the right sidebar ('U' in the default configuration).


If that doesn't help, I'd suggest to uninstall the game (including deleting the whole BGII - SoA directory) and reinstalling from scratch. Perhaps you can try also launching the game once before installing WSM - maybe you have a scratched disk and have the same problem also in the 'pure' game.

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Guest Guest

It's not a computer problem, I have BGTutu running fine with widescreen mod, and I had BG2 w/ widescreen mod working fine in the past. It's not scratched discs, I tested the game before I installed the mods, and there were no problems whatsoever. Regarding the "hide sidebar button", that only HIDES the sidebar, it does not replace it with a black bar (it moves to the right, and there is a tab added).


I don't think putting item upgrade before tweakpack would mess anything up, besides a couple of the tweakpack changes (none of which would affect the GUI/sidebar).


I did fix it, but had to uninstall everything, re-install in the correct (read: same) order.


Unrelated question: Why does widescreen mod have to completely uninstall ALL Weidu mods, then re-install just to make a change to the widescreen mod files?

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