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Jaheria romance


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Is the fix for the Jaheria romance to have Dermin appear for the second time after the "How did that last battle make you feel" speech instead of after 6 days. Its been more than 6 days since the first time he appeared and he hasn't come back yet (and I have been at the keep or outside in Athkatla). I was trying to remember what exactly the timing problemwas in the original game that caused the trouble with the romance messing up and thought it might be at this point. Thank-you for your help.

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Guest Guest_Lantier_*

Re the Jaheira Romance: is it possible to add an accelerated timer option to the TweakPack like you guys with the BG1 NPC romances?


Her romance is pretty long and I can never seem to finish the romance before finishing SOA. I'm down to two areas left and have resorted to leaving my game on pause... :thumbsup:


Thanks, and sorry if this has already been asked before!

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