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Sarah - This is a Joke, right?

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Guest Ex_Player

Great mod here.


Tried to install, first was the message, do you want to RE install (I never installed her) Skip or Quit - Like a fool I figured Re-install was a typo so I did it.


Don't know what happened but it screwed up every mod I had going (No, no total conversions, just npc's and quests) and next time I tried to play it crashed about the time I got to Dungeon Be Gone.


Maybe this is a thing like Game Be Gone for those who don't really like to play, and the three hours it took me to re-install was time well spent, but if anyone would like a lil free advise - See "SARAH"?


Avoid Like The F*CKING Plague!!!


Yeah I know I am going off - Same to ya.

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Hmm...you seem a tad frustrated.


Perhaps if you could post your WeiDU log or even your DEBUG file, we can help you get your game working properly.


You also might want to consider an upgrade on your system if it's taking you 3 hours to install Baldur's Gate 2.

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This isn't a problem with Sarah, it's a problem with WeiDU. When you install something packaged with an older version of WeiDU after one with a newer version, it automatically autoupdates. This is not new behavior. But there was one particular version of WeiDU, don't remember which, unfortunately, that would update the installer and then it would attempt to reinstall the mod with the latest version of WeiDU, whichever it was, in this case, RE. The same thing could have happened with Xan, G3Tweaks, or a number of other mods packaged with one of the newer versions of WeiDU.


AFAIK, this problem was fixed for v204.


The best thing to do is simply hit Q and restart the installer for the mod you were trying to install in the first place. Since the WeiDU auto-update had already taken place the first time you hit setup-mymod.exe, the installation would have gone without a hitch.


In other words, you're blaming the wrong person.

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