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History of the BG Modding Communities


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A year or so ago, somewhere, the community tried to create a history of the BG or IE modding community in a thread in (I think) this forum.


Anyone got the URL?


I have tried searches using G3/PPG & Google, but can't find it.

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For the impatient, Kulyok's 2nd link is a BG2 game install. I need to inspect my hard disk to see if it'll install.


You don't have to: you can just open Setup.tra and read what's in. ;)

I just had to read that. Kinda cool actually... When you weren't part of it, but have heard bits of it (the history) you can read that and have a good chuckle. :thumbsup: The writing style was great.

No matter how we've gotten here, I'm glad that for the most part we've got some good communities that can work together.

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I'm curious--what were you researching, lennon?


I am looking at the development of 'Open Source Software' and the way in which rights are asserted through license.


The way in which Bioware, permitted the use of re-engineering techniques to subvert the BG license and then re-asserted them via the NWN aurora engine license. The AE license outsourced story writing as GPL out sources maintainence.


I'll keep you all in touch when my article is finished

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